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The AP Guys

NEW Injection Molded 15+ WRX/STi Dialed Mounts Dock Mount

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The NEW and IMPROVED Dock Mount is here!

It now sits lower in the vent to allow ample clearance.

Moved it over to allow more room to plug in while tuning the car.

Added a ducted vent to the bottom so it retains 100% function of the defrost vent. 

NO MORE HARDWARE. It snaps in and interlocks to the ducting just like OEM. install time is under 5 mins.

Uses a magnet instead of a metal plate glued into the backside of the dock for the most secure fitment possible.

AP is dropped in and pulled off. No need to pinch cable and plug in the AP. The adapter holds the cable secure and does all the work for you.


NOTE: In our hunt to maximize the air flow through the dock we have noticed some models will require slight trimming to the OEM vent duct as the cable adapter may contact it. If your dock wont push down flat into the dash you will need to trim the duct slightly as some seem to have more flashing on the end then others.